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I am Victoria. Wife to my best friend, Numnut, and proud mama to our amazing little girls, Jelly Bean (10months old) Squiggles (4years old) and Bubbles (6years old). To read a snapshot into our lives and why I blog scroll down.

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A snapshot into our lives:
5 years ago when we discovered I'd fallen pregnant on our honeymoon Numnut's and my life was turned on it's head! I was meant to be completing my final year of my Bachelor in Early Childhood Education, having taken the previous year off to work with Numnut and my parents on the Tiwi Islands. Unfortunately hyper gravidarum meant that I decided to pull out of my studies-leading me to feel like a total failure.

Numnut in the meantime was working two jobs to provide for us but we were barely making ends meet. After lots of prayer, deliberation and pretending that our problems would go away, we finally listened to God and made the decision to pack up all our things and move from Tasmania to Victoria with just $2 left in our bank account. 

We were both so scared, about to have our first child, living in my parents house with no way to financially support ourselves! All less than 12months into our marriage!

5 years on and we both agree, scared as we were God knew what he was doing. He provided Numnut with a job that provides for all our financial needs (though we still need to budget well!), in a field that Numnut loves. And he provided for all of Bubbles' needs and continues to do so not just for Bubbles but her gorgeous little sisters, Squiggles and Jelly Bean.

I've now completed my Diploma in Children's Services and whilst I still occasionally feel like a failure for not completing my Bachelor, I've learnt to be content. I still love and am passionate about Early Childhood Education and being stay-home-mum to Squiggles and Bubbles has enabled me to combine that passion with the love I have for my children.

Why do I blog?
I'm by no means a proffessional blogger, rather I created this blog after several of my friends mentioned wanting to know more about the activities they saw me doing with Squiggles and Bubbles.

This blog is there so I can point people who ask to directions.

The blog has also proven to be a useful tool for myself aswell, occasionally those old feelings of inadequacy and failure still plague me and looking back at the activities the girls and I have done together helps me to see that whilst life has not gone the way I planned, I am not a failure.

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