Sunday, February 19, 2017

Treasure Tray {Heuristic Baby Play}

Hi all you beautiful mummies out there! It's Mumma Loz with “Turtle” (Almost 11 months-old now!) Time goes so fast!

Recently, I have been reflecting on Turtle's play and how she is increasingly capable of creating her own play. Last month in the end of my blog I described her interest in the safety gate. Even though Turtle has not played with it as much this month, I have noticed her increased interest and excitement in household items. Especially things that are regularly used by hubby and I.

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The Best Sensory Play Idea

Squiggles is absolutely obsessed with baking. She's constantly cooking up a storm in her sandpit kitchen, her play kitchen or our real kitchen. It just seems to be the thing she loves at the moment. It also happens to be the perfect activity for my little sensory seeker.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Owly Scarf Play {Heuirstic Baby Play}

Hi there! Mummy A again with Squishels (now a fast developing 4 month old!). This month in the Playful Baby series we are exploring heuristic play.

Playful Baby Giveaway January Winner

Over the last month myself and a group of my friends have been sharing with you our baby playspaces. We've been explaining why we think it's important to have a little safe, zone within our houses for our little ones to explore, and how we've set them up.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Place for Baby to Play {Creating a Baby Playspace}

Welcome to another post in our Playful Baby series! This year we are hosting a new series about none other than baby play! From playspaces to heuristic play and even paint… we want you to feel comfortable playing with your baby. By the end of the next 12 months you will have an arsenal of baby play ideas! You will have the knowledge and understanding to continue learning and growing with your baby through play. This month we are sharing our baby playspaces!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Parenting with Chronic Illness: Medications

Hi! Mummy A here again, and I'm happy to be continuing my series Parenting with Chronic Illness with you. Last month I shared with you my experience of being pregnant with a chronic illness, this month I want to talk with you about medications.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Space to Play {Creating a Baby Playspace}

Hi! I'm Ashlee from Loving Naturally and I'm thrilled to be guest posting on Squiggles and Bubbles today. Through the year of 2017, each month myself and a group of other blogger mummies will be coming together to take you into our families and show you a little into our world covering a different topic each month to give you an ever expanding knowledge of ways to engage your little squish helping them develop and explore safely. This month we are sharing our playspaces.