Sunday, September 17, 2017

DIY Photo blocks {Baby Block Play}

Welcome back to another post in our Playful Baby series! This year we are hosting a new series about none other than baby play! From playspaces to heuristic play and even paint… we want you to feel comfortable playing with your baby. By the end of the next 12 months you will have an arsenal of baby play ideas! You will have the knowledge and understanding to continue learning and growing with your baby through play. This month we are sharing block play ideas!

We love block play here-it's one of those timeless, ageless activities that all three girls can enjoy together.

When I was pregnant with JB the girls had a bookcase in their playspace dedicated solely to blocks. Our block space was heavily inspired by An Everyday Story so if you're after inspiration I highly recommend you jump over and have a look.

I wanted to make something special for the girls construction area and also something that JB could enjoy once she was born. So, we created some photo blocks. The older girls could use them in their play and JB could use them as she discovered faces and learnt about her family members.

I searched for ages for a method to transfer images to wood but never found one I was capable of or could find all the ingredients, so made up our own method, similar to those I'd looked at but using what we had in the house.

I never intended blogging about the photo blocks so I don't have any process photos however the technique I used for the photo blocks is the same I used recently to add features to a little owl Numnt made for our niece, so allow me to share those pictures with you.

What you need:
Black and white digital image
Printer (Ours is a Canon Pixma)
Printer Paper
Baking Paper
Glue stick
Credit Card
Wood that you want to transfer your image on to
Olive Oil Spray

Before I give you any directions, I do need to warn you: I have had baking paper stick and get caught in my printer using this method! There is a chance you may wreck your printer. Proceed at own risk!

The how to:
1. Cut your baking paper to fit the piece of printer paper. Make sure there's no paper over hanging. Use the glue stick to glue the baking paper to the printer paper-make sure you glue those edges well! (If paper over hangs or you don't glue it well there's a high chance it will catch in the printer).

2. Bring up your image on the computer. Set your properties so the printer prints at it's best setting ie the one that uses the most ink.

4. As soon as the image prints, peel the baking paper off the printer paper, lay it on your wood (ink side on the wood) and scrape the credit card accross the paper. Make sure to keep your image in place, if it moves so will the ink and your picture will smudge.

5. Allow ink to dry for a day and then seal by spraying lightly with olive oil. Clean excess oil off with a clean, dry cloth.

There's no giveaway this month but we hope you will still share how your baby plays with blocks on Instagram (#playfulbabychallenge @squigglesandbubbles @loving_naturally @squishelsandme @mummy_loz @xoxo_beautiful_chaos_xoxo) or on Squiggles and Bubbles' Facebook Page.

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Please always supervise your infant/child at play.  Please stay within arms reach and never leave infants/children unattended.  You know you're infant/child best, use your own judgement-considering your infant/child's temperament, habits, behaviour and development before you play with a new play medium.

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