Monday, May 11, 2015

Yoghurt Pops-Healthy Breakfast On The Go

Since Bubbles started Kinder this year I've found our mornings are more and more rushed and the girls breakfasts have been getting less nutritious than I care to admit. I needed something healthy but that could also be eaten in the car if we were running short on time.

I headed to Pinterest where I found several yummy recipes but none that fitted out family perfectly, thus our Yoghurt Pops were born. The girls have been eating these for the last month on Kinder days and they love them.

The pops simply sit in the freezer in individual bags until I need them. I serve them to Bubbles and Squiggles with two breakfast biscuits or pancakes each along with a drink of milk (my girls don't like flavoured milk for some peculiar reason or I'd substitute the milk with a smoothie).

Yoghurt Pop Recipe

1/2 cup LSA
1/2 cup ground oats*
100g banana or strawberry (or your favourite fresh fruit!)
2 cups Greek Yoghurt

Place LSA, oats, fruit and 1/2 the yoghurt into a blender.
Blend until smooth.
Transfer mixture into a jug that will fit in your fridge, cover and leave for as long as possible. (Overnight is best but if you have no patience, like me, then half an hour will do. This simply gives the oats time to soften.)
Fold in the rest of the yoghurt.
Pour mixture into moulds. (We use an ice-cube tray as my girls don't eat much but you can use an icy pole mould.)
Freeze for 20 minutes or until mixture just begins to harden and then add icy pole sticks.
Freeze until set.
You can now choose to simply pop the Yoghurt Pops out as you need them or do as we do, and place the pops into individual plastic bags which you can grab as needed.

* To make the ground oats I simply place a handful of quick oats into our turbo chef and blitz until it's the same consistency as the LSA.

Please Note: I am not a nutritionist, health expert or even a cook-I am merely a SAHM trying to feed her children as best she can so please use your own judgement before deciding to recreate this recipe.

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