Thursday, January 23, 2014

Invitation to Play Dress Ups

It was so hot today that we spent it playing outside in the paddling pool, with our water wall and with the water table in an effort to keep cool rather than following today's #simpleplay prompt of role play. Instead I'd like to share with you a past invitation to play I set up for Bubbles.

As well as making an invitation to play dress ups for Bubbles I was also trying to see how I could arrange our backyard for a tea party that Bubbles is having soon.

To transform our backyard I:
  • Moved the paddling pool into the garage and replace it with our bathroom mirror.
  • Dumped the girls dress ups into a pirate chest. 
  • Placed a bedrunner over the the rocks to discourage Squiggles from eating them
  • Added matching cushions. 
  • Laid out a big minkee blanket and covered the rest of the stones in pillows as a nice crawl area. (I did this as I was thinking of our teaparty in mind and we'll have 3 babies.)
Then all I had to do was wait for the girls to wake from their afternoon naps.

It was a simple transformation but both Bubbles and Squiggles had a ball-we even had tea in the backyard at Bubbles' request as she didn't want to go back inside.

We've since used similar set ups to have a teddy bears' picnic and play pirates.

How did you and your little ones play today?


Please always supervise your infant/child at play.  Please stay within arms reach and never leave infants/children unattended.  You know you're infant/child best, use your own judgement-considering your infant/child's temperament, habits, behaviour and development before you play with a new play medium.

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