Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Owly Scarf Play {Heuirstic Baby Play}

Hi there! Mummy A again with Squishels (now a fast developing 4 month old!). This month in the Playful Baby series we are exploring heuristic play.

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Heuristic play: a big fancy term coined by child psychologist Goldschmeid to refer to the use of everyday objects as play items. When I heard about this month’s blog topic, I immediately thought of my beautiful, soft, owl-patterned scarf.

Some time ago, I wore this scarf when meeting a friend and her daughter. Little Miss was shy and not even three years old yet. She was the sort of girl who would hide behind the pleats of skirt, peeking out occasionally to show the world a beautiful face with blonde curls. I had put my scarf down with my handbag (I personally hate wearing scarves, but bought it because of the owl factor) and noticed Little Miss was quite intrigued by it. I pulled it out and gave the invitation to play with it by initiating ‘peek-a-boo’, before passing the scarf over to Little Miss. What happened next was magical. This plain, boring scarf somehow transformed into so many things- peek-a-boo, a hair piece, a skirt, a dress, a kite. It literally became anything Little Miss wanted it to be. That’s when I knew I had to keep scarves in the back of my mind as an ‘anywhere, anytime’ toy for the life growing in my belly.

Sure enough, once Squishels came to be, the scarf soon became a commonplace play item. It, along with terry-towelling nappy flats, muslin squares and flannelette blankets, became one of Squishels’ favourite ways of exploring the world. With a simple piece of material, textures, tastes, object permanence, interactions and security can all be learned and developed. And mummy can occasionally get a couple of minutes break while her little princess gets distracted by some everyday item most people would never expect to use as a play item!

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