Sunday, March 5, 2017

Teach your Kids to be Kind with this Book {Kindness Elves Book Review}

Hi, Mummy Lozz here. This month I have had the absolute pleasure of reviewing a beautiful story; The Story of the Kindness Elves.

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“Kindness”....what a word. It is a word that sounds so simple to implement, yet it gets so lost in translation in today’s society.
However, the delightful Story of the Kindness Elves reminds us through magic and imagination that little acts of kindness can, really make such a positive impact. Life can get so busy rushing around, and it's easy to forget the importance acts of kindness are. 

After becoming a mum in 2016 I have been increasingly eager to begin traditions that create a positive impact in my family, that means more than just chocolate and presents. A friend told me about the kindness elves. My initial thought was what a beautiful tradition to bring into my family and I was excited that it wasn’t just confined to Christmas but is something we can share throughout the year. 

When I heard that there was a story coming out, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I jumped at the chance to review it for Anna! The story ofthe kindness elves takes you on a journey of the adorable little kindness elves who live in the cutest little houses in the clouds. Their important mission is to create lots of potions to help spread kindness around the world. Even though they do an incredible job they still need some help. So they invite 2 children Camellia and William to help! What an important job!

I love children’s books. I love how imagination is brought to life and how colourful and inviting they are, and this story definitely ticks all those boxes. I believe that the authors' definitely created a way to teach and encourage children to show kindness. This story is unique to other stories out at the moment, as behind the story is a hidden message. It cleverly uses the story of the elves as a way to build children’s understanding of how they can be kind to others.

The pictures in this story are stunning.  They are so vibrant. It was definitely the first detail to catch my attention. On the cover is a beautiful vibrant rainbow.  What a lovely way to introduce the story to the children. The rainbow and the cute little smiles on the elves, to me, was a clever decision by the authors, as it felt very inviting and grabbed my attention. My daughter is only 11 months old and the bright colours attracted her attention and she loved looking at all the pictures.

I especially liked how, throughout the story, there were moments where the readers were invited in to the story. I believe the authors were clever in doing this as it helps in keeping children interested  and engaged. It also includes scenarios that children can relate to through school or people they may see everyday.  Children may see friends in the school ground who have fallen over, or seen people that need help with their groceries. This book shows children that they can make someone happy with a kind deed and that it does not matter how young they are.  You can really see how much love and thought the authors put into make sure that children feel happy, supported and most of all encouraged with kindness.

Overall this story will be cherished in our house for many years to come and I can't wait to share it with others. I would definitely recommend this beautiful book. I believe it is a story that can be used   as a great educational tool for childhood educators but by also creating love and kindness in peoples homes. 

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