Monday, May 1, 2017

Clean the House and Entertain Baby At The Same Time {Painting with Babies}

Welcome back to another post in our Playful Baby series! This year we are hosting a new series about none other than baby play! From playspaces to heuristic play and even paint… we want you to feel comfortable playing with your baby. By the end of the next 12 months you will have an arsenal of baby play ideas! You will have the knowledge and understanding to continue learning and growing with your baby through play. This month we are sharing painting ideas!

So far in this series, Nikki, Ashlee and Mummy Lozz have all shared different variations on mess free, baby painting ideas. You've mainly loved them, though a few people have been asking where the mess is? The joy of painting is mess after all-is it not? Well, here's my messy, paint play that cleans at the same time! All the sensory joy of painting but with the added bonus of a clean kitchen at the end!

In my Cleaning with Kids blog hop I shared with you a special paint recipe that also helps clean. Today I'm sharing with you yet another paint recipe that helps clean too!

If you follow my Instagram account, you'll know that lately Squiggles has been loving playing with foam. When she asked for Rainbow Foam, I decided to make JB some rainbow paint at the same time.

As babies Bubbles and Squiggles had many opportunities to paint, more often than not with pureed food or yoghurt. But also with ochre and watercolours. JB has had less opportunities due to the busyness of our lives these days, in fact, this was probably only her third time exploring paint.

Making the paint was as simple as pinching a little bit of each colour of Squiggles' Rainbow Foam. I placed them in a heavy dish (less chance of it being tipped over immediately) on the floor, placed a large paintbrush next to them and let JB explore at will!

After she'd explored the paint with her hands, I demonstrated how to use the paintbrush on the cupboards and then invited her to do the same.

JB did try tasting the paint once-I wasn't quick enough to stop her (this NOT a taste-safe paint)! Thankfully once was all she needed to realise it was not for eating!

She had an absolute ball!

So much so, that Squiggles and Bubbles stopped playing with the rainbow foam outside and joined in painting the kitchen.

They spent a good 40minutes just painting the kitchen with squeals of delight and happiness. They painted the floor too and enjoyed squishing the paint between their toes but this did make the floor extremely slippery and we had a few slips so isn't something I'd recommend!

Once they were all painted out, I carefully carried them all to the bathroom where they washed all the food dye and soap off easily in the shower with a bit of coconut oil. The green was a bit more stubborn to get off and we did have to resort to Solvol to remove it from their skin.

I had got the girls to strip down to underwear to paint in as I was pretty certain their clothes would stain but amazingly it all came out in the wash!

When everyone was clean I then wiped the cupboards and floors down with a clean cloth and was left with a sparkling clean kitchen! Now all I have to do is somehow get on top of the dishes and clear the bench that just magically becomes cluttered as soon as it's cleared!

Just a note: if you're going to try this at home test a small patch before letting your child loose in your kitchen just in case your foam stains rather than cleans! I use only the smallest amount of food dye as otherwise it does stain!

Don't forget that this month we are giving away a Grimm's Wooden Heart Rattle! All you have to do is share how your baby plays with paint, for all the fine print click here.

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Please always supervise your infant/child at play.  Please stay within arms reach and never leave infants/children unattended.  You know you're infant/child best, use your own judgement-considering your infant/child's temperament, habits, behaviour and development before you play with a new play medium.

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