Thursday, June 12, 2014

Leaves on the light table

Have you ever played with leaves on a light table? As I mentioned in our Rice on the Light Table post and Coloured Salt on the Light Table post, recently Numnut was sweet enough to create Bubbles and Squiggles an awesome light table from what I would have called junk. I’m really in love with the light table so you can probably expect an overload of light table activities soon as we explore it fully.

To invite Bubbles to play with the light table I simply placed a couple of leaves that Bubbles had collected previously on one of our walks, a container of pencils and some paper.
 At first Bubbles was a little unsure of how to play but once I sat with her and showed her how she could put the paper over the leaves and ‘uncover’ the leaves by shading in the leaf shadow with a pencil she dove in and was soon excitedly showing me her leaf tracings.

The joy on Bubbles face as she discovered the leaves made this one of my favourite activities ever. 

What’s your all time favourite activity to do with your little ones?

Please always supervise your infant/child at play.  Please stay within arms reach and never leave infants/children unattended.  You know you're infant/child best, use your own judgement-considering your infant/child's temperament, habits, behaviour and development before you play with a new play medium.

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