Sunday, April 12, 2015

Soap Free Clean Mud

Welcome back for another month of  12 Months of Sensory Dough Recipes where several bloggers get together to share the exciting sensory dough recipes and a variety of twists and turns. It is our hope that you will have a one-stop resource for all things Sensory dough! This month we are featuring a huge list of clean mud!

Clean mud is normally made using soap and toilet paper-it's soft, fluffy, squishy amazing stuff!  You can find the traditional recipe at Study at Home Mama and the science behind it over at Lemon Lime Adventures.

If you've been following along with us since the beginning, you'll remember that this series in not just about sharing awesome recipes with you but also sharing some of our failures. Today that is exactly what I'm doing-sharing our failure!

To be honest, I should have realised this process would fail in the beginning but I just didn't think it through properly before beginning. Whilst our process failed, both Squiggles and Bubbles had a fantastic time creating and playing with the product, and have requested to play with it again and again.

Squiggles, Bubbles and I are all sensitive to soap, it dries our skin out and in worse case scenarios actually causes our skin to peel off-leaving us with bleeding skin! This was the reason I set out to find a recipe for soapless clean mud, I couldn't find one though so decided to try creating one of our own.

Originally, I had thought I would use soapnut liquid but unfortunately when we came to do our activity we were out of  soapnuts! Instead I brainstormed what we had in the house that could be used as soap-I don't know why, but I settled on olive oil-something I used to use in the girls baths when they were little to soothe their skin. (Seriously, what was I thinking?! Oil doesn't foam!)

1 roll of toilet paper
1/3 cup olive oil
1 cup warm water
Approx. 1/2 cup cold water

How to Play:
I laid out all of the materials, along with a tub, whisk and masher on a drop sheet outside.
I then invited the girls to rip up the toilet paper and place it into the tub. (Squiggles loved this as normally she's getting in trouble for ripping up toilet paper and spreading it throughout the house!)
Once all the toilet paper had been placed in the container Bubbles added the oil.
Squiggles then added the water and both girls took it in turn to mix the 'ingredients' together.
We felt our mixture and decided it was too dry so Bubbles added a little more cold water from the outside tap-which of course meant Squiggles also had to add some water too.
The girls then took it in turn to mash the dough and mix it with the whisk.

Bubbles asked if she could make a cake and borrowed a frypan from her mud kitchen to transfer the dough into.

Squiggles followed suit and borrowed a bowl from the mud kitchen to transfer some dough into to.

I grabbed our birthday candle box to extent their play and the girls had fun making birthday cakes for each other, myself and their toys until quiet time.

Now for the fun part…

Would you call this recipe and activity a success or a fail? Would you try this recipe or have you tried another? We want to see! You can share pictures to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+. Tag your pictures with #ilovesensorydough.

Be sure to check out each blogger, as we will each provide a different take on the dough, some of us with have the BEST recipe ever, while others (like me) will show you our attempts (both failed and successful).

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Please always supervise your infant/child at play.  Please stay within arms reach and never leave infants/children unattended.  You know you're infant/child best, use your own judgement-considering your infant/child's temperament, habits, behaviour and development before you play with a new play medium.

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